( Poland )




Justyna Kisielewicz


Rebellious Polish artist JUSTYNA KISIELEWICZ is changing the Eastern European arts scene with her evocative artwork. Friends of Leon Gallery isvery proud to be bringing this internationally acclaimed artist to Sydney for an exclusive show in September 2015.


Artist: Justyna Kisielewicz





Justyna’s new body of work titled GROWING UP IS OVERRATED blends pop and popular culture and embodies a sense of Disney-like sentimentalism, a fondness for daily life, and an exploration of consumerism. Just like Jeff Koons, Justyna’s work draws from the revolutionary ideas of Marcel Duchamp who changed art history by showing how everyday objects could be elevated into the realm of art. Expect the unexpected in her humorous satirical oil paintings of Disney characters, cotton clouds, donuts, surreal landscapes and balloons.

Justyna’s fan base now stretches the globe with a recent successful international solo show in San Francisco, upcoming solo exhibitions in Berlin and Salzburg and artist talks in New York.

Join us on opening night for an abundance of confectionery, candy coloured cocktails, floating balloons and pop music. Opening on Thursday the 17th of September from 6-8pm