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Kate Zambrano


A consistently wide-eyed wanderer, Kate Zambrano explores the human condition though visual stimulation.  Often coupling the standard idealization of beauty with a deep, haunting melancholy, she uses monochromatic and subtle colors in her paintings to create a genuine and simplified journey into individuality.  She works with different mediums and techniques as well as incorporating texture and drips to create an unsettling concept of what is attractive.

Her work is made to bring up the emotions, ideas, and opinions of the viewer.  It forces self-exploration and internal dialogue.  She leads the viewer to reflect on him or herself.

Kate is an American painter hailing from across the United States.  She grew up, with her sketchbook in hand, having a fervent desire to recreate the things she found beautiful. Self-taught and ambitious, she works night and day on her passion for art with a temporary head space in her studio.


Artist: Kate Zambrano





Haven Gallery – (August 15, 2015), Solo Show

Friends of Leon Gallery / beautiful.bizarre Magazine – (October 2015), Le Petite Fours Show

Marcas Gallery – (October 2015), Decent Group Show

Abend Gallery – (December 2015), Annual Miniatures Show



Cella Gallery – (April 20 – May 10 2013), Never a Dull Moment Show

Christopher Hill Gallery

Gauntlet Gallery – (October 18, 2013), Music Icons Show

Last Rites Gallery – (October 26th – December 7th, 2013), The 13th Hour Show

Spoke Art – (December 5th – December 21st 2013), The Moleskine Project

Modern Eden Gallery – (December 17th 2013), Wanderlust

Last Rites Gallery – (March 8 – April 12, 2014), Last Rites Show

Gauntlet Gallery – (March 2014), 12×12 Exhibit

Spoke Art – (March 2014), David Lynch Tribute Show

Snap! Orlando / Art Attacks – (June 20, 2014), Snap! Orlando

Parlor Gallery – (July 5, 2014), Group show

Spoke Art – (July 5 2014), Quentin vs Coen IV

Spoke Art – (September 2014), Stanley Kubrick Tribute Show

Last Rites Gallery – (October 11, 2014), The 13th Hour Show

Parlor Gallery – (December 2014)

La Luz de Jesus – (March 6, 2015), Laluzapalooza

Spoke Art – (April 4, 2015), The Moleskine Project

Abend Gallery – (June 2015), Figurative Show