Stormie Mills


Stormie Mills first gave voice to the lost souls of the cityscape back in 1984. In the three decades since, he has created an evocative collection of characters inspired by and deeply connected to the street.

His creative journey began in the forgotten corners of our cities, the abandoned buildings and broken back lanes provided a canvas. As his practice developed, Stormie’s iconic characters found their way into the galleries and homes of collectors around Australia and the world. Stormie’s palette is sharply monochromatic.

Black represents dirt, white speaks of erasure, grey is drawn from the cityscape and silver the language of dreams.

The works draw on a deep sense of isolation and yet each character seems to carry a message of hope. These opposing elements in Stormie’s practice imbue his characters with a palpable presence and humanity. And when art captures the tenderness of the human condition people connect with it.

Testament to this is the significant expansion of Stormie’s collector base in Australia in the past five years and his sold out shows in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. His whimsical works are represented in galleries around Australia and Stormie’s private and public commissions light up streetscapes from Perth to Scotland to downtown Richmond USA.

In 2013 Stormie ventured into the world of three dimensions, transforming his iconic Bunnyman character into a series of four-metre high pop figurines that populated the streets of Brisbane for the city’s annual festival.

Visitors to Melbourne can immerse themselves in Stormie’s creative energy when they stay at The Cullen in Prahran. The Street Art Suite was a groundbreaking commission for Stormie as it was the first time the Art Series Hotel Group had worked with an Australian street artist. It put Stormie among a select group of international practitioners, who have a suite to their name, including D*FACE, Swoon and Blek le Rat.

It’s not just Stormie’s art that has fostered a strong following, his compelling personal story and with his passion for his practice has made him a sought after speaker. He took centre stage at FORM Gallery’s inaugural #PUBLICPerth street art festival in 2014 and he spoke at the world’s most respected design festival, the AG Ideas conference in 2012.

Stormie’s extensive portfolio has been captured in two beautiful volumes, Proximamente from 2007 and Dwi Yma, which was published in 2013.


Artist: Stormie Mills




Stormie Mills